Ellie shared with me the Google Doc of her story so far and I've been helping her make edits and such. The collaborative process is really fun for us! We've made plans to do work on it outside of school soon. I placed some of my rough illustrations next to her text and we've started getting a vision as to how this book will look. I also did some research into storyboard programs to help with the layout of the book.


I continued doing illustration for the book today. I've been doing a lot of sketching at home so that I can do digital illustration during class. Coloring in the pages takes a lot more time than I was anticipating, so I mostly spend the class doing that. I found some good Photoshop brushes, tools, and add-ons that are helping me out through the process. Hopefully I'll have some completed pages soon.


Absent :(


Okay, now that presentations are done, Ellie and I are back to work. Unfortunately, she spend most of class with Ms. Marberry so I was flying solo today. I did research into my part of the project- the illustration. An important part of illustrating a children's book is creating a cohesive art style. I've started sketching out character designs at home, so today I did some basic coloring in Photoshop. I'm trying to come up with a color palette that I enjoy. I also did some research into illustrating with Photoshop, and I found some cool guides that I think will help me out a lot.


Ellie and I mostly worked on our presentation today. We're going to be presenting next class, so we were mostly working on our presentation and making sure we have the timing down for everything. The major points we will be touching on are the age range, book features, art style, and content. We've decided we want to write for 5-8 year olds, and make our book about 20 pages. We found a good website we want to use for publishing so I've started looking into pricing and things like that.


Today, Ellie and I began discussing the idea of restarting our thesis together. Coming back from Winter Break, both of us have begun to realize that we're not as excited for our thesis as we once were. Although we're not technically supposed to do partner theses, we came up with the idea of collaborating on a children's book! The idea originally came about because I've wanted to create some sort of coloring book for a long time. But hopefully with this we can use both our talents to make something really exciting.