I spent less focusing on politics and music, but more time on my product. I started some research into how I can use the open-source Processing language ( to create an interactive timeline. I started on some prototypes, but I need to gain a larger knowledge of approaches I could take. I also need to figure out where I can host the website. I have an outline of a design completed.


Today, I continued work on my essay application for University of Texas. As of now, it is the only school with a November 1 deadline for which I still have to write a main essay. I decided to write my essay about NPR and the values of learning that I grew up with. I am also writing my supplemental essays on speechwriting, my dream job.


Today was another college day. I started off by cutting down my common app essay from 650 to 550 words. I am now completely done with the coalition application. Next, I started working on my ApplyTexas essay. I am writing about how I was raised on NPR and how that has shaped my interests in current affairs/politics.


I cotinued work on and finished my common app essay. I decided to write about Plano Teen Court and how it affected how I view the world. I also continued work on the coalition application and completed everything except the essay.


I continued work on my timeline and began researching 1960s political protest music. I delved into Bob Dylan's discography and intend to focus on his music for a good portion of my research. I also began researching some web design, to figure out how to create an online timeline to supplement my research.




Thesis presentations